Meet the Team

It took a team of talented designers to bring Dave back from the depths of the 80's.

John Romero

The creator of Dangerous Dave and his first several incarnations, including this latest iOS version. Design, programming, and audio direction keep him sane.

Brenda Romero


The always-lovely Brenda honed the rough edges of Dave with her design insights. Also, she loves PR and making branded products for everyone to enjoy.

Rik Nicol


Not just an amazing pixel artist, but also a great game programmer, Rik lend his considerable skills to bringing Dave back to beautiful HD resolution from the wasteland of 320x200.

Dren McDonald


Donovan Romero- Brathwaite

A long-time composer, Dren has handled the audio duties of several of the Romero's games for years. His innovative 8-bit + redneck fusion really works in this venue.

Watch out for this up-and-coming game design master! Donovan has designed his first commercial release, Gunman Taco Truck, and lend his testing skills to the team to ensure Dave is rock-solid for you.


Michael Romero

Only a coder knows how to poke special holes in another coder's game. And so, that was Michael's job during testing.